this is my small note. i write on a particular things inside. i love to bring it everywhere. the contents are vocabularies and also my lessons hehehehe

my pencil case, full huh !!!

i get this dicount from BODYSHOP

my etude member card

my identity card

my bodyshop member card

my all cardssss

my lips sponge, i like it, just for Rp15000 , cheap right?

this is my sponge by etude
i always use it bfore i go everywhere

my petit by etude

for nails by thefaceshop
i like the color, it makes ur nail be fresh and pure pink

this is my colour, NUDE, it matches with my skin tone, and when i got my time, i always use for my nails

i just brought it 2 moths ago at ETUDE, i like this orange nude color

my blushh

my blush on too

my solid powder

my maskarra

this is what i loved, cherry blossom by the body shop, feels like i am in JAPAN

my miss tangerine, makes my lipss be orange , wanna be sweet ^^

this is a coupon time, but i never use this unfortunately

 my conditioner from ETUDE

 this is my uv protection for my hand, it cure me from the over of uv lights

 my vitamin

i bought this liptint hardly, bcause i tried to look for the exact seller that couldnt make me wait for long time. i just applied this liptint with my nude lip to appear the color from it, so its lovely color i think.............



my thumb is like a cloud ^^


thanks my bro

i can read all hahahahha

untuk memasuki sebuah bangunan, sebuah ruang dalam bangunan, atausuaru daerah dari ruang, eksterior, akan melibatkan kegiatan menembus bidang vertikal yang memisahkan sebuah ruang dari lainnya, dan memisahkan keadaan "di sini" dan "di sana"(Francis D.K. Ching)


this is my galaxy note. she is a girl, you can see by the colour. her name is Stephany. i bought it for Rp 5.200.000. she is so expensive. in fact  i've been dream about this for a long time ago since i watched korean drama occasionally....see, i have it. thank you Allah

on the left side is my phany and beside it, my camera case. and they are all pink

i love this bracelet. i bought in LOVEPOLY for 80k. i interested with the shape and also the charming. it has ship, medals, and also bag charming. so fashonable

my stuffs are contain pink things such as, my handphone, camrea case, my fragrance from THE BODYSHOP, my purse and also the pink box

my bag from LOVEPOLY

how do i look ???? can u give me comment heheheeheh. i wear rainbow veil, baby pink blouse, red orange tote bag and also nude shoes. love it


this is my body butter and also body mist from body shop
i love the smell , so natural
like i polish my skin with the extract from strawberry 
awesome !!!


 this is my online shop now
very guarantee, and there is no tax for all items
and i know that the materials are good

the brand is SPOTLITE



 this is my online shop now
very guarantee, and there is no tax for all items
and i know that the materials are good

the brand is shop at velvet

do you see the amount?

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